2018 Waiakea Judo Club Invitational Judo Tournament

Date: 09/15/2018    Sanction Number:  18-09-11   Location: Hilo, HI      YDK: 50th State
Contact: Ronald Takeya, (808) 961-3646

30th Fukuda Kata Championship

Date: 10/27/2018    Sanction Number:  18-10-04   Location: San Francisco, CA      YDK: Central Coast
Contact: Kathy Ravano, (415) 566-9447

George Funakoshi - 1935 - 2018


Jim Marshman writes:

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2018 Waiakea Judo Club Kata Clinic & Testing for Promotion

Date: 09/16/2018    Sanction Number:  18-09-12   Location: Hilo, HI      YDK: 50th State
Contact: Stephen Hall

30th Annual Bojuka Judo Tournament

Date: 08/25-26/2018    Sanction Number:  18-08-10   Location: Seaside, CA     YDK: Ganbary
Contact: Eddie Nakao, (831) 582-7726

Korea Summer Camp is on Facebook


USJF HS Korea Summer Camp has a Facebook page which shows some of the activities that took place. The Facebook page is a closed group which needs to be joined in order to see their posts.

About the group

USJF Development Program managed by Sensei Joon Chi. This is high school age Judo exchange program with Korea's High School with help of Korean Judo Association members.

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Woman head coach for Brazil's Judo Team


Neil Simon has passed on a link to an article on coaching, Yuko Fujii, the judo coach overthrowing gender stereotypes which should be of interest to all coaches.

Photo from BBC article

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Summary of The 2018 USJF/JA Summer Junior National Tournament


The 2018 USJF/JA Summer Junior National Tournament is over and the results are in. The Konan Judo Association hosted the event in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The results of the tournament have been posted.

The Jack Hatton and Harun Bogdanic Judo Clinics took place on the 5th and the 7th of July. They were IJF elite training camps with two very accomplished judoka sponsored by Konan and Michigan Judo.

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2018 Nikkei Games Judo Shiai & Kata Tournament

Date: 08/05/2018    Sanction Number:  18-08-11   Location: Long Beach, CA     YDK: Nanka
Contact: Maria Maciel

Brad Bolen Clinic

Date: 08/04/2018    Sanction Number:  18-08-13   Location: Cranford, NJ     YDK: Hudson
Contact: Joaquin Gonzalez